Illustration Design

We are passionate about creating visually appealing design. Although we tend to look on the bright side, we can handle all the realistic challenges that come with making our clients stand out.

Alchemy Ranch

Partnering with a client like Alchemy Ranch is a dream come true. The Straights of Alchemy Ranch have a holistic approach that inspires anyone who values sustainability. Every detail matters when it comes to how they run their business. They sustainably pasture raise beef, pork, lamb, rabbit and eggs in Mount Airy, NC. and give customers the opportunity to support a wonderful local business that cares about the animals they raise in addition to their impact on the community. We were able to provide branding, logo design, web development and continued marketing for Alchemy.

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Velocity Effect

Traditional marketing agencies can’t match what Velocity Effect brings to the table. They employ a distributed workforce of highly trained digital specialists from all over the country and their wide range of professionals know every nuance of Google Adwords, Display Retargeting, Hyper-geotargeting, and more. It's wonderful helping Velocity stay up to date with their web design while they focus on delivering results for their clients!

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Eric W. Snyder Insurance and Snyder Agency

These two sister companies were seeking a logo design that utilized an emblem type aesthetic that would also serve as an iconic representation of their brand. Using imagery that evokes peace and security, while also paying homage to the founder of the company, we were all happy with the end result.

Reel Media Videos

Rachel Millman, of Reel Media Videos, is an exceptionally creative person and was fantastic to work with on her new website. Her creative vision and attention to detail helped shape the look and feel of her site and resulted in a very customized, unique appearance. Customizations on this site include the 'one page' approach, a professional use of parallax between sections, branded icons used throughout, video in the header and more. For any potential client of Rachel's, this website serves as a preview of the care and personality that goes into all of her work.

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Nema Lounge and Eatery

NeMa, a Wilmington restaurant specializing in small plates, provides a comforting and progressive atmosphere. When a restaurant churns out such amazing food, it's easy to be inspired. NeMa was looking for a loungy, upscale look to their website and they were very happy to see the results! We provided NeMa with new branding including logo, web and menu design. The slick, minimalist logo really maintains a chill vibe and works well with the scratch made, intelligent concept behind their food.

San Juan Cafe

Offering the most authentic gourmet Latin American cuisine in Wilmington, San Juan Cafe has a unique niche in the area. With dishes from countries such as Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Cuba, it's amazing how photogenic an entree from San Juan can be, and there is no denying it's hard for us to work on this client's website without our mouths starting to water. In additon to the website, we designed their brand new menu.

The Foxes Boxes

The owners of The Foxes Boxes strongly believe in contributing to their community and being a force for social good. They really appreciate the arts community as well and provided a ton of opportunity to create custom artwork. The logo, callouts and graffiti style slogan of the company were all done for their new restaurant.

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Your Pet's Best Pal

Amy, the founder of Your Pet's Best Pal, is a strong believer in great service and customer appreciation, but realized she was in need of a digital footprint for her services. We were able to provide a plan to build up her web presence from the ground up, while providing consultanting along the way. We also provided logo design, branding and business cards.

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